My curls come out when I put a lot of gel but then the result of that is having hard curls HELP!

I recently did the big chop and and my curls come out automatically with water in the front & middle of my hair.  but the back of my hair is frizzy and you can see my curls are hiding in between the frizz  and the only way to make them pop & define is by putting a generous amount of Shea butter and Eco styler gel so they can clump, which works but because I put so much it makes my hair hard and and non-movable . I was wondering is there anyway that I can train my curls so that they automatically come out with water?  do you guys have any tips of training curls ? Thanks

2 Answers

It sounds like it could respond well to more moisture before the styling products so you could get some definition that way with less crunch. Maybe a leave in conditioner or milk from Shea Moisture brand? And then some curl definer like Curl Keeper followed by less Eco Stylert.  If you get any crunchiness you could try lightly scrunching it out once it's dry.  
Have you considered lightly rubbing oil on your coils after they dry? This should release some of the crunch. Also, you could try stylers with a lighter hold but then your style will not last as long.