my daughter has natrual hair and I am unsure as to what products to use on it.

my daughter is only 15 months old and has natrual hair when wet it comes to just past her shoulders and when dry she has a beautiful fro. Am not sure what type she is and am not sure how to care for it  for e.g do i plait it all the time or do i leave it !! Am also unsure as what products to use. Thanks in advance. If you need pics I can send them but I am unable to upload any as the site won't let me.

2 Answers

The afro is so beautiful.  She can feel free to wear her fro whenever she likes. The success of a healthy afro has to do with the nighttime routine.  Plait or braid her hair in at least two large plaits with coconut oil or your favorite moisturizer.  Secure her hair with a silk scarf at night rather than letting her sleep on a silk pillowcase.  This will help to keep the cuticle smooth.  Apply natural oils to her hair often, trim it regularly, and although it looks strong, treat it very delicately.
take the test for her then repost this question and it will be easier to help you because there are countless great hair products but they are all for different hair types :)