How to deal with type 4 hair?

I've been natural for a while and I'm just letting my hair do its thing and letting it grow out. But I continue to experience breakage when detangling and I dont know how to style my hair and its barely retaining length. I just really need help taking care of my hair. Does anyone have any tips they can give me. I do protective style here and there. But I really just wanna let my hair breathe and grow fuller. This hair is so stressful at times because it doesn't do what I want it to do ever so its like "I'll try a braid tonight" and my hair is like "Sike." For the most part my hair is always moisturized and soft but its just hard keeping it like that. So yea anything will help just styling tips, tips on detangling, retaining length. ANYTHING :) Thank you guys lol

3 Answers

Do you…•get regular trims?•deep condition once a week?•do protein treatments every 3-4 months?•know your porosity?
Okay I have a couple tips. 1. Take your time detangling. Use your fingers first then go through with your wide tooth. This can take a LONG TIME with type 4 hair so put on some Netflix and get ready.2. Moisture moisture moisture. Use water or oil based moisturizers to keep that hair from breaking.3. Manipulate while wet. Doing your hair when it's wet reduces breakage because your hair is a ton more flexible and will do what you tell it.4. Protective style. Touching your hair everyday is a no no. Let it be. No tight pulling scrunchies. Keep those ends tucked and hair untouched. 5. PATIENCE IS KEY. Take picture once every three or so months. Don't stretch your hair everyday to see if it's longer. That way you'll never notice a difference. Just keep tabs on these things and your locks will be long in no time. Oh and do some deep conditioning or hair masques often, but not too often to strengthen that hair.
My hair is 4c and i know exactly what ur going thru all i say is that for me watching hair videos for my type of hair on YouTube really hrlped me i agree wholeheartedly with the first response except for the wet manipulation only because the hair is at its weakest while soaked so damp manipulation is best for detagling and styling the loc method is great with a natural butter such as shea as it will retain a lot of softness and moisture for days to where it kind of reactivates with a misting of water with a lil oil throughout the week as needed while in a protective style ur good to go