Dear NaturallyCurly, I am very frustrated with my hair right now.

For 3 years, I've been trying to grow my hair out. Before I say this, I just want to say that being natural is great. I don't regret being natural and it's great because my hair is more healthier now and it's different from other people's. And the best part is that it's part of my natural beauty. But at the same time it's very frustrating because I see other women have way longer hair. Every time I see women with longer hair I tend to compare myself and made me struggle with embracing the hair I have. For years, I've been grateful to have natural hair, but struggled with growing it out. Sometimes it makes me want to give up on growing out and just shave all my hair. It's frustrating when you're stuck in square 1. Very frustrating. And the worse part is I'm on meds. It sucks. I just wish my hair was longer. I see others posting pics for their hair and talk about their success and I'm glad for those who have grown their hair, but it's like when am I going to have success with my hair growth? When?! UGH!!!

1 Answer

Have you spoken to your primary care physician about the effects of your medication? What is your current hair care regimen?