Why did my hair texture change after my second big chop?!?

The first time I went natural I transitioned for almost a year, and my curls turned out to be a mixture of 3c/4a. However, I cracked after 2 years and got a relaxer. This time, I cut it all off and started from scratch, and after one year of growth my hair is much tighter, mostly 4a everywhere! What happened?! I don't get it.

3 Answers

It was from the transition, darling. I believe it's because the heat, where you straighten the most, or the straighten part that were laid/pulled back the most has been through a rougher time so they were looser curls giving you the 3c, rather than the sections where you rarely put heat and didn't pull back/gel down as much that were tighter curls which resembled your 4a. but now that you chopped it all, it's all growing at the same state, it's all going through the same battle. So your hair has not actually changed at all :) I say this because I'm a transitioning natural girl and my front hair seems to be the same way with the looser girl thing going on, and it was the part I'd put the most heat to when I had straighten my hair every single day practically, but the back and sides of my hair are tighter curls. I hope I helped you.
Your hair can also change during the course of your life, as it is affected by diet & hormones. When I was 5, I had type 2C hair. When I hit puberty, slowly changed into 4B hair & stayed that way until around senior year of high school. I'm now in my 30s, my hair is 3C. I also remember when my elder sister became pregnant, her hair went from 3C to 3A during the course of her pregnancy & stayed that way for 2 years, before converting back to 3C. She complained almost daily; she always sets her hair with big curlers & it seemed like suddenly her thick waves were falling flat! Her husband was very happy when her old hair type made a comeback!
you probably had a little heat damage from transitioning. I personally did! When I big chopped my hair grew out done and I had to cut the damaged ends off