Does 4a hair get better?

I've been natural for almost 19 months and I'm so tired of this hair! It shrinks so much and is more frizzy than other 4a people I've seen! Other people with 4a hair look so good except for mine. When stretched my hair is almost two inches past my collarbone and to my chin but it shrinks up like 4c hair. Even with gel and heavy products it doesn't hang at all. I'm not expecting it to hang like 3b hair but this is ridiculous. I'm thinking about getting a keratin treatment and will this really help with shrinkage and frizz or should I give it more time to grow? 

1 Answer

I understand your frustration. 4a hair is DOPE!! Shrinkage really relates to the your hair being healthy. If it shrinks, it has elasticity and can bounce back from being manipulated. Not everyone with 4a hair have the same hair; it completely different from one person to the next plus the pictures could be ones with people that have used products and their hair reacts well. Sometimes hair is naturally frizzy, I personally have one section that is always frizzy no matter what style I do. On the other hand, frizz can be from lack of moisture. One thing I've picked up was applying coconut oil and then my styler/moisturizer and that helped a lot. You have to experiment and if you come to terms that you have naturally frizzy hair just embrace it. Genetics is something we cannot change.