Does any one have 2 different hair types?

It seems that the front of my hair is a different texture than the back of my hair. My front is a lot easier to manage than my back. I am new to the "natural" thing and still in the beginning stages, so I'm just trying to find out what the best practices are.

3 Answers

Lots of curlies have more than one hair type!  Don't worry... it's totally normal. 
I for one know what your experiencing the front of my hair is wavy 4c and the back is tightly coiled 4b and i find that i get more curl definition in th back and its harder to manage than the front x_x so i try to make the front look more like the back by using kinky curly custard and you cud try twist outs on your hair too depends on what works for u(:
Yea you can have more than one curl pattern. But the great thing is that you are going to learn how to take care of both patterns. It is going to be trial and error but you will find out which product works on which part of your hair.