Does my hair not need protein at all?

I've come to realize that my hair has very high elasticity. As soon as you pull it, it immediately springs back just like coil spring. I honestly believe this is the reason my hair shrinks SO much. It's springy...and stiff. Also for it to have a coily nature the actual circumference of my individual strand is about the size of the tip of a sharpened pencil maybe a little bigger if more. My strands are very fine however my hair over all is coarse. My head has a lot of hair circumference wise verses thickness strand wise. So the issue is my hair is very very VERY coily. It's stiff and only responds well when I leave it to air dry. I'm starting to realize that MAYBE my hair is very protein sensitive. Products with protein just build up on my hair my hair just will not absorb it. Also it takes hours for my hair to dry.So given these facts. My hair being: 1. Highly elastic which I believe (after doing a lot of reading online) is a strong indicator of protein in the hair. 2. Unable to absorb water quickly. I co-washed my hair last night and it took 4 hours for most of the water to be absorbed and it was still damp. 3. Unable to absorb protein based products. It just sits on my hair.So the question stands. Do I need to use protein based products?If not what should I be using on my hair?What's a good method to use to moisturize my hair type with the consideration to my protein sensitive hair?

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