Does anyone know of a good stylist capable of doing a spiral perm on Type 4 hair?

Hello everyone!I have not had a relaxer in over 2 years and have a coily/springy/wavy combination of Types 3 and 4 hair (mostly like Type 4a and 4b). My hair is very coarse and thick. As my hair grows (it is now shoulder length when straightened) I get single-strand knots and have to detangle frequently, which I don't mind so much, but I would like to wear my hair hanging as it has a lot of shrinkage and tends to grow outward. I would really like to change up my hairstyle and get either a body wave or spiral perm if it would be possible to sustain and keep healthy for my type of hair. Do you know any good stylists in the Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC areas? I will post photos below of the types of hairstyles that I am looking to achieve, either body wave or spiral perm are what I am considering. Any advice and help that you have would be greatly appreciated.

1 Answer

We have a Salon Finder >> live in Austin, TX so unfortunately I don't really know who can work that natural hair magic in the Carolinas. Also reach out to your local natural hair community -- do you know about International Natural Hair Meetup Day? Contact the people who ran the South Carolina meetup and ask them for recommendations! >>