Does pool Chlorine Affect natural hair?, if so, how?

I purchased a pool this summer and I plan to swim almost every day, will the chlorine effect my natural hair in anyway?, if it will, how?, and how do I take care of my hair now that I will be swimming in the pool often?

1 Answer

chlorine does affect your hair in a bad way ! It will dry out your hair very badly .The reason I had to cut 5 inches off my hair was because I went swimming almost every day one summer , but never washed out the chlorine or took care of my hair If you plan to go swimming and getting your hair wet , First get in the shower and completely drench your hair in water. If your hair is wet before you get into the pool , it will not absorb anymore water .After you completely wet your hair , apply regular conditioner or leave on conditioner to put moisture in your hair .After putting conditioner in , apply oil to your wet hair because oil and water do not mix ! It sounds silly but the oil will act as a protector for your conditioner . I would recommend washing your hair twice a week to make sure you get rid of all chlorine Since you will be swimming a lot , make sure you do use an intense deep conditioner on your hair once a week to replenish moisture in the strands . Lastly , make sure you give your hair a break from all the water .Your hair can't go through all of this wetness because it might cause it to break off , so atleast give your hair a week of no pool water .