Why doesn't 4a hair move? It's so stiff and isn't bouncy at all.

my hair is short as of right now. It's not a twa but it's at my shoulder or a little below. I have type 4a hair that is very thick. My hair is not shiny, bouncy, soft or anything. I was wondering why my hair type even when it gets longer doesn't move. Why is it so stiff? My older sister has long hair and her hair moves some, but it's still stiff. Can I do something to make it become bouncier as time goes on? Or will it always be this way. 

1 Answer

My hair is 4A as well, and it moves a lot! Usually hair that is stiff is either weighed down, dry or has hardened due to products (too much gel usually makes hair stiff and unmovable, for example). Maybe the products you guys are using is too heavy? Give your hair a good wash, and find a product(s) that will provide bounce and shine specifically? You may be expecting bounce, movement and shine from a product that does not promise this. Also, since your hair is thick/dense, the hair may be too "compact" to move, if that makes sense. You may want to stretch it some and this may help with movement too.I've used African Pride's Bouncy Curls Pudding, and it gives my hair shine and great bounce! It's a good place too start, since it's availible in stores like Dollar General and Walmart, and is relatively cheap! (about 3-4 dollars) Good Luck!