Edges won't grow?

I'm trying to transition to natural. Its been a month since my last relaxer. (exactly 4 weeks actually) My hair is in a pixie cut, I never use heat of it nor style it much because its pretty easy to take care of. Every part of my head has grown almost a half inch EXCEPT for around my edges. Like. It hasn't grown at all. Please help. Thanks

3 Answers

Try massaging Jamaican Black Castor Oil on your edges every couple days or more if possible. If you wear a lot of tight hairstyles(puffs, ponytails, braids, etc) this could be the cause of breakage on the hairline, so try to stay away from them as much as you can.
I agree with ironesha as far as the JBCO goes. My daughter had eczema patches on her scalp. Those areas, she scratched a lot which caused the hair to grow slower than the rest of her hair. I started massaging JBCO on those sections about eight months ago and now ive noticed significant growth. Now you can't even notice that portion was shorter. Good luck! 
Thanks. Again, my hair is in a pixie cut so theres no tension on my edges. Lol. And what I meant was thicken my edges. Sorry. Will they thicken too?