Frizzy, dry, un-curlable Crown area

I've been natural for 4 years , but just now i'm really wearing my hair outBasically i used protective style most of the time.The reason for that is, my crown area.Every time i put braids, i miss my hair. Then when i do my twistouts and my crown area is always undefined and frizzy.Then i feel discouraged and put my braids back again.The rest of my hair it's ok..  it's really frizzy also but defined when i do my twistoutsAlso my crown area is really brittle and dry, highly prone to fairy knots and some breakage ( not much tho)I mean i love my hair, and i'm determined to wear my twistouts this spirng and summer ( not in the winter tho, I live in Sintra , Portugal, and it's crazy here)Pleas help me glow up ;)My hair is really long, and it's a shame not being able to enjoy it.Details:Mixture of 4a/4b hair ( the crown it's a frizzy 4b)High porosity ( no dye or chemicals, my hair is naturally like that, despite what the blogs say)medium densitySome scalp issues ( psoriasis)Hair really prone to tanglesProtein sensitive ( not to all proteins )Rarely deep condition for this 4 years ( i know , i know)Products ( i recently started using this, i enjoy most of them especially the masque. I'm unsure about the restorative conditioner)Shampoo Shea moisture african black soap or herbal essences hello hydrationConditioner Shea moisture 10 in 1 renewalDeep conditioner Shea moisture 10 in 1 renewalLeave in ( i alternate between )  : Cantu for naturals leave in conditioner, Shea moisture raw shea butter conditioner, Shea moisture 10 in 1 renewal conditionerCream and stylers: Cantu Coconut curling cream, Cantu twist and lock gelSealants: Shea butter, almond oil and olive oilBrands i'm able to get in my country: Shea moisture ( african black soap, raw shea butter, the light green bottle one and 10 in one renewal)Cantu shea butterAunt jackiesMiss jessiesPlease any suggestion is welcomedSorry for my English, i'm PortugueseBeijosxx 

1 Answer

My daughter has this same exact hair except not protein sensitive and high density not medium. She also used to have this problem. The only things I do different now are use raspberry oil specifically on her crown area (this is a natural sun protectant oil), I am WAY more careful with her crown area and I had to STOP treating it like the rest of her hair. The crown is one of the most sensitive areas as far as hair goes seeing as it's prone to sun damage, and to be neglected since its right in the middle. We usually wash it the same as our other hair and part/ section it off into other sections a lot. But I learned (also on myself) that it's really beneficial to use the same products just doing your crown separately. Our crowns now get their own sections when styling, pineappling, deep conditioning, and anything else lol. I also used Jamacian black castor oil on that area to help it grow back faster.I wouldnt stop using the products youre using now. Just change technique.