getting to know my hair? growing it longer?

 I'm 17 years old and my hair has been natural my whole life. The last time I straightened my hair was in 2014 and I usually wear braids.  I have 4c hair and I usually leave my braids in for 8 weeks. Once I take down my braids I wash it (usually at the hairdressers) and normally wear a bun for a week, then get my hair braided again.  From what I know I have low porosity, medium length hair - I know my hair is growing because of my undergrowth but when I take out my braids I can't see any changes :/  just wanted tips on how to get it past its current length.  (btw I just don't have time to constantly do my hair, which is why I pretty much always wear it in braids)

1 Answer

That honestly sounds like way too much manipulation to see any growth. Not saying your hair isnt growing, but it sounds like way too much to see much length retention. You would only really have a week in between braids to take care of your natural hair with shampoo, deep conditioner, sealing oils, moisture. I think protective styling is awesome but have you considered wigs that way you can take care of your hair underneath more often than with braids?