What is a good, cheap deep moisturizing leave in conditioner that can help my stiff 4a hair?

I have very stiff hair and am looking for more movement and moisture. HELP!

2 Answers

I would start by clarifying your hair so that moisturizing will be more effective if the hair is clean. I would try using clay masks since it detoxes the hair but doesn't strip itNext, I start cowashing and deep conditioning more frequently to restore moisture until you feel your hair is more hydrated I don't know how often you like to wet your hair, but wetting my hair every day or every other day seriously helped the moisture levels in my hair! 
I'd follow the instructions of CuriousAquarius, but to help out with your question, I like the Cantu repair cream leave-in (if you want a heavier/thicker one) and the Shea Moisture JBCO leave in (if you want a watery cream consistency).