My hair is less than 1 inch and is always dry and damaged. How can I grow healthy 4b/?/4c hair?

I started off my natural hair journey about 8 years ago, and since then I have been so frustrated with my head! My hair has multiple curl patterns from what I can tell, but mostly I have thin 4b/4c strands. I have messed up a few times (not moisturizing as much, not trimming often, etc.) but I really would like to have my hair grow healthy. It is currently dry and brittle with a few knots. I can never seem to get my hair to grow past 3-4 inches. Please please help me!

1 Answer

I am sorry that you are experiencing a challenge with your hair. Congratulations on choosing a natural path for your hair. I find that massaging castor oil on my scalp helps with hair growth. Taking Biotin and collagen pills and drinking 2 gallons of water a day helps to grow my hair. Pre-pooing with coconut oil helps to hydrate my hair and prevent knots, as well as to grow my hair. I hope this helps. Doing this got my hair from chin length to bra-strap length. Please check back and let us know how your hair journey is going.