If My Hair Is 4C, How Can I Tell My Porosity?

I have 4C hair (obviously from the question lol), and I'm really confused about my porosity. I thought I was low porosity, then when I took the Shea Moisture Porosity quiz, (I guessed on some bc I didn't know how to answer. Like, how fast does my hair absorb water when I wet it in the shower? I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. I thought that when you drench something in water it gets wet... but maybe I'm the stupid one...) and I got high porosity. But because my hair's 4C, it's always dry and tangles easily in the first place, so how do I know what porosity it is? And I've tried the float test. Some parts of my hair just float, but most sink to the bottom and then come straight back up. Because my hair's sole purpose in life is to be as confusing as possible. 

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