My hair is breaking or shedding HELP!

my hair has been unmanageable and very dry . Every time I detangle or touch my hair I have some type of shedding and it's really annoying , every time I want to do a wash & go I have to be prepared for my already detangled hair to shed & pull , I deep condition every week . My hair doesn't like protein. So I need another option. HELP! The picture I attached is the type of shedding I experience in the shower when I detangled and after I detangle 

1 Answer

Its most def shedding . When I started to transition from heat damage to wash and and goes my hair did and still does the same thing. At first it was alarming . If your hair was breaking it would come from the root of your scalp.  Take the hair put it to the light if you see a white or clear bulb at the end then its shedding. if the hairs are long which your pics displays they are shedding. Also you probly  detangling with a comb . Use your fingers . When I stared to use my fingers I saw les and less hair. Shedding is good it means that your hair is growing. Everyone sheds a certain amount of hair depping on there genetic makeup. Also with curly hair you don't comb it everyday, so when you wash it the hair you see are usually from the days before where your hair just sat in one place. Strat taking  vitamins asap with conjunction with the other method I menttoned