My hair is very curly/coily in the front but just poofy/frizzy in the back. What should I do?

My hair is longer and curlier in the front (its always grown faster than the back for some reason) than the back. I have almost no curl definition in the back but lots in the front and It prevents me from ever wanting to waer it out how I'd like. I'm still in high school so i dont exactly have the time in the morning to style it so i usually just put it in a puff (My hair is ear length). I'd really like to know if there is something i could do to fix this or something I should stop doing to prevent it

2 Answers

Eco gel is nice for curly hair.. Its not the type of gel to go hard in your hair.. Also when you're done washing your hair too maintain the natural oils in your hair use a white cotton shirt.. Also don't play with your hair a lot because your fingertips are dry and takes up all the oils in your hair... Also make sure the products you're using is good with curly hair, your curl pattern and works with your hair because everyone's hair works with different products
Keep your hair mosturized at all times. For the back of your head try using a curl defining cream for more definition. As far as the 2 lengths in your hair that is how most people's hair grow (my right side is longer than the left), this has to do with how your hair is growing on the inside not the outside. Try styles that stretch your hair like braid outs or rod sets.