my hair has two or three different types, but the majority of it is 4a how do i even it out?

The back is definitely 4c but has almost no curl definition. The majority of it is 4a and is in really tight corkscrew. But at the very front my hair jumps to like a 3a/3b. Its kinda easy to make the back coooerate with the rest but the front is always frizzy and very poofy which is like the complete opposite of the tight corkscrew that the rest is in. How do i even it out?

1 Answer

Hey Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately, we cannot change genetics.  You might see your curl pattern change during high hormonal instances in your life such as pregnancy or menopause.  So the best that you can do is to style your hair to have a similar texture results.Twist outs and braid outs will be your best bet.  You could also cut your hair into a shape that would work with different textures.  Finally, using different products on different sections is a must for you.  You may have to use curl definers on the front where it is type 3 and use curl stretchers for the parts that need it.  Hope this helps.  If not, please pose another question.