My hair is very fine. Curlformers gave me a larger, softer 'fro. How can I get smoother curls?

I followed Mae's YouTube tutorial on CurlFormers.  I think I have her curl pattern, but my hair is much finer, and shorter (think of each strand being like the width of a spider's web). I used the same products she did and followed the video. However, because my hair is so fine, I couldn't even pull a fine-toothed comb through my hair at the ends to smooth it (I ended up pulling out hair). I also had trouble pulling my hair through short and wide curler with the hook (yanked off some hair there, too.)  After drying, I ended up with a larger, softer 'fro.  It's okay, just not what I was going for.  Any suggestions?

1 Answer

What styler did you use?