When my hair grows my ends thin out noticeably (to me) . I trim every three months. Is this normal?

I wear protective styles in late Autumn winter and early spring and wear out styles the rest of the year. My hair geta skinnier at the ends of twists and braids.

2 Answers

that's normal, it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your ends or they're damaged or anything. As my hair grows out, my ends are more thin than the rest
Is it normal?  Well, it does happen to many women, so yes it may be common, but this is not a great thing.  When the ends start to get thin, that means the hair is breaking off at the ends.  It is great that you are trimming your ends, however if in 3 months your hair is looking thin, you need to  trim a little sooner.  Try every 2.5 months and deep condition every 3 weeks.  Now, you also need to discover what is causing your hair to break at the ends.  Do you use a lot of heat?  Do you sleep on a satin bonnet or pillowcase?  Do you use a lot of different products and try a lot of new things? If so you may want to reevaluate your regimen, and schedule how you will care for your hair for the next 6 months.  After than time period, reevaluate again!  You got this!