hair is knot & tangle nightmare. any tips? i've deep conditioned & they go away, but after no good

single strand knots and a little dryness. i have 4b/c hair.can any method (technique), product or tool help me? Is it a sign that i need to trim my hair?

1 Answer

Fairy knots can happen to anybody.  Your hair can be very healthy and still end up in fairy knots.  You should go on to cut them when trimming as they are found mainly at the bottom of a hair strand.  If the knot is too high up you may not get to it now with out sacrificing some length.  If the fairy knots are minimal then you can cut those individually. Sure it can be time consuming but it is an option. For dryness, you want to help your hair retain moisture gained after shampooing and conditioning.  For that apply a leave in conditioner, followed by cream and oil.  You can switch the order of oil and cream if you wish as for some l. O. C. doesn't work as well as the l. C. O. Make sure you know your oils that help to seal in moisture.  Castor oil and shea butter is excellent for sealing in moisture ad they are thick heavy oils.  Also if you aren't wearing protective styles but even if you are, remember to spray your hair with water.  Hair needs water to stay hydrated.  I usually put a tiny bit of conditioner into my spray bottle before spritzing my hair with it, followed by my oils and creams of choice. I've managed to stave off dryness this way.