Hair Loss/Hair Has Gotten Thin D: Please Help!

I've been natural for over 2 years now. My last relaxer was August 2012. My hair is a mix of type 3C/4A. Anyway, a few months ago my hair was SUPER thick and healthy, I loved it! I straightened it about every 2 months but every time I did I used heat protectant tools. 2 months ago, I realized that my hair has lost SOOO much of its thickness it's ridiculous. It has grown a LOT, but has gotten thin and it's so flat and lifeless.. I'm so frustrated. I don't know what to do. I can't wear my hair out, I always have to resort to up dos because it looks that bad when it's hanging out.The last time I trimmed my ends was August 2013 (I know, it's been a long time...) I'm thinking maybe that was the cause of my hair suddenly falling out? I really don't understand. It was very random and I just noticed it and I couldn't put my finger on it. I'm looking to get a protein treatment and a hot oil treatment ASAP and I guess I have to cut my dead ends. It's not healthy at all.Any suggestions of what I can do to treat this and get my hair back to its original state? I'm not straightening it again for a long time...

1 Answer

I feel your pain. Please check the following which may affect your hair growth: ferritin serum levels (relates to your iron and is responsible for hair loss and growth), thyroid and hormones. I had crazy thick hair 5 years ago and noticed that my hair has totally lost its thickness. I had all these checked with a blood test and recently discovered that my ferritin is at a level of 5. It should be around 70 for healthy hair growth. I have to go on a course of iron supplements to raise the levels. If your doctor wants to do a hemoglobin test then fine but insist he does a ferritin serum level test as well. Hopefully your situation is reversible.