my hair is really dry and I have dandruff what products should I use o n my hair my is 4c and low po

1 Answer

I use the 3 products I've attached below. They are cheap and do what they say they will do. LeKair as I use as a deep conditioner for 30 mins, weekly. It repairs damaged hair and once you've got your hair healthy again, moisture should be easier to achieve. I've found that the oil is really your choice, but I'll say that when I had very dry hair (my hair was damaged from being braids too long) I used BLUE MAGIC hair oil. That got my hair right immediately, the next day the dryness was gone. Another oil I use is Africa's Best hair oil. I attached that one as well.Also, I steamed my hair before bed, by doing the LOC method ( spray water on hair as the liquid, blue magic as the oil, african pride leave in as the cream) and put in single braided sections over night. Put on a plastic cap for a couple of hours and remove before going to sleep.