my hair stays dull, even after applying oils. I can't use proteins BC hair becomes brittle

I have Type 4 hair, I apply evoo after applying products to my hair. That shine last only about a day or so. My hair is consistently dry even after deep conditioning (turns dry within a day). I can't use protein BC my hair instantly turns brittle. I don't know what to do. 

2 Answers

sounds like you're coating your hair with oils instead of hydrating it. so many women make the mistake of applying oils to wet hair. OIL + WATER don't mix. try applying coconut oil as a prewash so your dry hair can absorb the nutrients. you don't need to grease your hair because it will weigh it down and cause breakage. please read my previous replies because they're all dealing with the same issues and my blog talks about this as well.
Make sure when mosturizing your hair you are using water-based products and then sealing with an oil. NEVER put oil on hair that has not been mosturized first otherwise you are sealing in dryness. On your wash day rinse your deep conditioner out with cool water, this seals your hair cuticle and adds shine to your hair