What hair type is this?

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I would say mainly 4a

I would say mainly 4a


Judging from the curly part, I would guess a 3c, however, it looks like you are transitioning from some form of damage (I.e. relaxer, flat irons, etc.). That being so, it isn't easy to tell what your pattern is because those straighter ends are weighing your new growth down. While transitioning, and, really, throughout your entire natural journey, your main objective is keeping your hair moisturized and healthy. It's really easy to get caught up with the curl type hype, especially since this site recommends products and tips based on curl pattern, but you will discover that many naturals with the same pattern do not have the same regimen. Try focusing on other properties like your hair's density, porosity, reaction to different ingredients (protein, glycerin, silicon, etc), all of which are articles you can find on this site and other natural hair sites. Your journey will hopefully be less stressful knowing some of those things than wondering what your curl pattern is. Hope that helps!

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