which one is my hair type?

so i did the big chop 9 months ago. when i first did my big chop i texurized it. (i use dark and lovely the first time ) the first time i texturized it i didn't really take care of it. it gotten frizzy and lost its definition. i texturized it about 6 weeks later and instead of only doing the new growth i did all of it again. ( even the part that was texturized ) i used hair bonicals the second time and it made my hair more nappy/frizzy. now my thig is when i wet my hair it has more of a 3c and when it dries up day by day it transitions to a 4c a tight tight tight frizzy coil look. my question is which one is my natural hair pattern when its wet (3c type curl) or when its dried? (4c type curl)  and i thought my hair was supposed to loosen up to be coily?

3 Answers

We do not have information on how to care for texturized hair. Have you consulted with a licensed cosmetologist?
Since you described that you still do texturizers, none of your hair is actually natural yet. So you currently don't have a natural hair pattern to look at -- all of it has been chemically altered. When you ask which one is your natural curl pattern, the answer unfortunately is neither or there's no way to tell. The only solution is to go natural. Which means not altering your hair texture with chemicals of any kind. Hope that helps! And yes -- visit a cosmetologist like Amanda suggested. We have a salon finder! http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlsalons/ 
Neither of the 2 textures is your true one because you still have chemicals in your hair that have altered your natural hair. Once you start to grow your hair out it will take some time for your "true" texture to show because the texturizer has entered into your hair follicles. Look up SCAB HAIR for a better explanation of this.