What is my hair type? I'm not sure what it is.

Hello everyone i am a teen and I'm just curious as to what my hair type is i know its in the type 4 category but i'm not sure which one is it. I would also appreciate if anyone can recommend products for this exact hair type.  Thanks in Advance (:

1 Answer

At this length, it's hard to tell what your hair might be. The curl that you have stretched seems to have a S pattern, which would mean that it's a 4a, but had I seen only the hair around, I might've guessed that you were a 4c. This may be due to texture vs actual curl patttern or it might be because hair typing is supposed to done on hair in it's "wash and go" state without stretching :\ Really, I would recommend waiting until your hair is at least a little longer before trying to decide your curl pattern.