hard time retaining moisture, its always dry and itchy scalp (I do regular ACVrinse)

1) I am having a very hard retaining moisture, I don't know what to do. I do the LOC (water w/aloe gel, Jamaica castor oil and shea butter) every morning and evening.Shall I change my loc method? FYI I don't have a steamer even though I think it will help me a lot.2) Also I have a very bad itch problem even though I do the Avc on the the regular basis, I also use te teatree oil and my scalp is still itchy.3)difficult time retaining length

3 Answers

Whoa…you shouldn't have to do the loc method twice a day. The problem to your moisture retention could be that your hair needs a good trim. if you have low porosity hair the moisture you're attempting to put in your hair may just be product sitting on top of your strands bc sometimes the product needs time to absorb into the strands. ACV should be a once in awhile thing not an every other week habit; many times that can also dry out your hair bc it's used as a clarifying rinse. Tea tree oil needs to be combined with a carrier oil, if you use that alone that will only exacerbate the itching. Trying putting a few drops in with Sweet almond or jojoba oil. Moisturized hair and protective styling will help with length retention. 
I had major itching problems and flaky scalp and stopped using sulfate shampoos. After a few weeks, the itching and flaking were gone. I carried on using tea tree oil and ACV to keep my scalp in good condition. Contrary to popular belief, ACV IS NOT a clarifyer. It doesn't clean your hair, but it's good for scalps and conditioning strands. But not cleaning. see link here With the moisture, what I started doing was using old school products. Cholesterol treatments to condition with every week, and hair grease as an oil. I would steam my hair before bed sometimes by spraying with plain water, applying hair grease and putting in little braids. Then put a plastic cap on, my scarf and let that sit for a couple of hours watching tv etc, then take the cap off, scarf on, bed. That helped me with my moisture levels too. You can also do the LOC with hair grease/ oil. My fave one I have put a picture of here.
I think that you should probably stay away from all oily hair products since you've tried so many and none of them worked , I think you should deep conditioner your hair twice a week with national herbal products , rinse with green tea combine with mint , that will infuse , clean , and leave your hair and scalp feeling fresh and you'll feel better too . And for moisturiser , use this all natural coconut oil hair care ..... its not pricey either .... u can buy it in target . Good luck !