How to get healthy 3c/4a hair

I do not use heat on my hair but it is damaged... It is thin and I hate it.... I am tired of having to cut it.... Like if I do a twist out you can see hairs sticking out all the way down the twist that's different also sheds a bit much.. I just want to know if there was anyone who had damaged thin hair not from heat damage and have restored it to healthy thicker hair?  Or does anyone know of any legit ways to strengthen and restore my hair?

1 Answer

Avoid using products that are not 100% natural I used to have very damage hair until I went online and did my research and I stared by washing my hair with baking soda and acv and deep condition with mayo but then I moved to the Shea moisture line for almost 2 years until I found devacurl and I been in heaven since then but you should they to deep with coconut oil mix with egg and honey and acv and mayo it worked great on my hair . good luck