Please someone help will my afro 4a/4b hair ever grow back or do i have scarring alopecia?

I'm now 19 I have 4A/4C afro hair. I had extension braids done June 2015 then took a month or so small break and had braids again in August then a small break again then had extensions put in the September. My hair shedding since the first time I got braids at first I thought this was normal but now a year later I'm still suffering the same thing. My hair is shedding I have patches behind my ear my temples and at the front of my hair. Please if anybody can help I would so apparicatie it. I have tried Jamaican black castor oil on its own and mixed with shea butter mixture Jasmine oil coconut oil olive oil mega growth hair oil I take biotin I took floradix iron tablets for a while now the Doctors put me on a higher prescription iron tablets. calcium vitamin D tablets evening primrose oil tablets I have tried so many things that people have recommended online and nothing they dont anything it's a growing the rest of my hair but not the bald patches

1 Answer

search up onion juice for hair/edges growth, I promise you, you'll see a difference.