HELP!! I have NO IDEA how to define my newly chopped 4b/c coils. What am I doing wrong?

I big chopped 2 days ago for the first time going from APL relaxed to an inch and half and I'm reasonably lost haha. There really is a steep learning curve. I just washed my hair, detangling with KCKnotToday, and then applied a generous amount of their custard on my wet hair. Frizz city! Can you please look at my pics and tell me what I did wrong? I REALLY appreciate any help or tips. Thanks!Chopped and Hopeful

2 Answers

Your hair looks nice and healthy. Why do you think something is wrong? You can always do fingercoils but the photos reflect your natural, Type 4 texture.
Your hair is beautiful like that, but you can try a curl defining cream that gives your natural curl pattern more definition. Ex: Eden's curl defining creme. You can also twirl your hair around your fingers kinda like finger coiling