Help ! Nothing will loosen my 3c/4a hair !

I have extremely coily/tight curls. I have tried numerous products and nothing will loosen them. I am tired of wearing a small Afro that sometimes lacks moisture. My hair is extremely thick. Any suggestions for products that will loosen curls and keep them loose during the drying phase. In morning , I will start off with beautiful hair  and by afternoon I have a thick , small definition Afro. I have tried everything ( drug store brands to professional products from ULTA) closest I have come to satisfaction is AS I Am curling jelly. Still not totally pleased ! Tired of spending money on products that don't work. 

3 Answers

Awe.... I have 3c too. I remember the TWA stage. I rocked a tiny afro for a long time. When I got bored I flat ironed it and styled it. The only free no hassle product that works is patience. You have to love your hair at any stage. It just would not sit right with me to push the idea to change and "loosen" tighter curl patterns. That's the whole point of going natural. It's to love and adore your hair the way it is. Not to change it. It's not just an escape from damaging effects of relaxers or weaves. You have to LOVE your hair. Find contentment with the "good hair" days and the shrinkage and "bad hair" days. We've all had them. ANYWAY there are styles to elongate your curl pattern or if you just don't feel like dealing with it you can try loose protective styles- braids or twists--- careful though some of these really pull at your edges, weaken and break your hair. Good Reads: this helps! :)
My hair is 4C and when I started out I was totally like "why can't I get defined elongated curls at least as much as 3C or 4A hair?!" But then I had no clue that there is no product that will give me that desired effect. If you like As I Am, I would stick with it but change up your method. Letting your hair dry in braids or twists or flat twists is great way to get an elongated, defined curly style.Like @NikkiG said, this is a good read: You can change up your routine, wash at night, braid/twist, and take it out in the morning. Or if you like wearing your own hair in braids/twists you can wear it out while its drying and take it out the next day!I hope that helps!
Most likely you still have scab hair. I have the same hair type as you and I started with super short hair as well. Your hair is just very dry from being so short and it will loosen up with time. make sure that everyday you are spritzing it with water and aloe vera gel to help it grow. Put argon oil on afterwards. This really helped my curls. keep cowashing. honestly this is all you can do right now because your hair is so short. when it grows out long enought to straighen even a little bit, heat train it by flat ironing it with a tiny flat iron....your hair will be fine dont worry about the damage just use a heat protectant and make sure u deep condition before u put heat on it and your curls will revert back. trust me i had the same issue as you.