Help with type 4 super resistant hair.

I've recently taken out my single twists (with extensions) after many years and decided to try twist outs. I've been pouring over the videos and forums but I've not come across anyone with this issue.  I spend ages doing the Bantu knots/ twists, using all of the products ( Argan oil leave in, curl enhancing smoothie, Argan oil gel) take them out the next morning and it looks good for an hour or so then my hair reverts back to its coily shrunken state (within 10 minutes when i venture outside.  I'm in the UK so it's either damp or raining!)Does anyone have any advice on how best do deal with this?Thanks!

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Hello! I have type 4 hair, and it's very coily and will shrink if has too much water! Do you do your styles on damp/wet hair? Or on dry hair? I believe you may be using too much water(water-based products). Instead of freshly washed/damp hair, I would maybe say stretch your hair(with or without heat) and then do your style. Add a small amount of water, small amount of product, and make sure your twists are small-medium. Stretching your hair +small amount of product makes your hair less prone to shrinkage. The smaller the twists/braids the more definition.(for me at least) Also, a little product goes a long way! This is only from my experience though! I'm not a professional, but I hope that helps! 
moonliteskye has some great pointers. Also, the humidity and/or dew points from all the rain you're experiencing are probably affecting your hair as well. The Frizz Forecaster on this site will recommend styles and product suggestions for your hair type according to where you live. In addition, here's an article that explains dew points and their affects on curly hair:
Moonliteskye & SweetRellie - thanks for the advice.  I have tried the style on both wet and damp hair so I'll up the oil and reduce the Curl Smoothie and see if that works.I also hadn't come across the Frizz Forecaster as yet so I'll check that out too!
I agree with moonliteskye 100%.  Style your hair after it has already been stretched.  Personally I prefer to stretch without using heat except for a hair dryer.  Also as she stated use the least amount of products as possible, and twist or braid in small sections which is extremely important as well.  The no heat stretching technics are Braiding/Plaiting/Twisting, Banding, Bunning, Bantu knots and Rollers. After washing and deep conditioning I plait the roots and put on large rollers and sit under the hair dryer to stretch.  After the hair is at least 90% dry then I style my hair by flat twisting.  The middle of my hair is thicker and coarser than the sides and my kitchen so I make the twist smaller on the thicker coarser hair.  Find at least two stretching methods that work for you and double stretch your hair.  It makes a big difference on type 4 hair.