hi, its almost 9 mths post BC but I have yet to see any drastic change in length? Please Help

Hi!! I'm 17 (almost 18 in 24 days!) and I had a big concern about my hair. I am 4a/b and I had BC on April 20,2015 so its been about 8 months. The first five months I had my hair out but when I came to college I decided to do braids. I loved them so after I took the braids out a day later I got crochet braids!! And boy did my hair love it!! Now, with this I have seen a good amount of growth but overall it still looks the same to as if I just BC yesterday. Im worried about me doing something wrong and I just wanted to know if there's anything I can do to help my hair flourish!! I'm approaching a year! 

2 Answers

It could be that your not letting your hair breathe long enough in between protective styling. Your hair will grow faster and healthier if you just wear it out for a while. I big chopped only a few months ago and have seen my hair grow a lot since then i just wear it out. Getting regular trims will also help with hair growth. And mostly it depends on the products in your hair regimen how often do you give yourself hair treatments. It it could just be that your hair grows slower then other peppermint oil can help with hair growth it stimulates your scalp promoting hair growth. I Hope I've helped you in any way. You can always message me if you have any more questions I'm like a natural hair geek lol.
sorry i meant slower then others;