Hi. I am 14 years old. For the last year or so I have been trying to find a regimen for me.

I have watched everyone on YouTube. I know what wash n Gos are and I have the basics of products and I will get more of them if need be. Everyday I put oil and water in my hair in the morning before I go to school. My hair is about shoulder length and it's pretty big. my main problem is frizz and not knowing what to do. My family is all white so obviously they don't know(Im mixed) so.... please help.

2 Answers

Your hair seems to be naturally frizzy, which is fine. Try the 7 Coil Defining Techniques for Type 4a Hair.
Hi! I am 13 , mixed and I have 3b/3c hair, and my hair is naturally frizzy and shoulder length now(my hair has gotten way looser than the picture). Frizzy hair should have very moisturizing products and a ton of conditioner: here's my regimen- 1. In the shower each day, I put a ton of conditioner in my hair and detangle with it 2. Out of the shower, I finger comb mixed chicks leave in into my hair 3. I put my hair onto one side and scrunch all my hair 4. I wrap my hair in a Tshirt turban style You don't have to do this everyday. I just do cause I manage tangles and frizz better. Hope this helps