Hi. I have tyoe 4b hair which get very puffy and shrinks alot. what products should I use.

3 Answers

It all depends really, does your hair respond well with creams and oils? And if you want to help shrinking maybe you should try twist outs or even stretch your hair from old twists or braids.
Well, it also depends on if your hair is fine or coarse and how it responds to different products. I have type 4b hair with 4a in the crown. Mine is armpit length when pulled, but if dry with no product in it, my hair will shrink up to neck length.I have thick hair. It gets defined curls easily when product is applied. If yours is similar, then twist-outs, braid-outs, and/or bantu-knot-outs will probably work for you. Check out Naptural85 on Youtube to learn how to do those no-heat stretching methods. I'm not a fan of wash n gos for my hair, it starts out looking good but I find that wash n gos don't set my curls, with wash n gos it's easy for my curls to frizz or tangle. When I do a braid-out or bantu knot out in my hair I know my curls will be soft and defined and will stay that way for a week. Products I use are Smooth n Hold pudding (for my twist-outs/braid-outs), Yellow Ecostyler gel (to smooth my edges), S-Curl (to moisturize and soften my hairline when wearing a bun), and coconut oil.
I wrote an answer for this a few days ago... it applies to your hair type. I hope the info helps! :) http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/frizz-co...