Hi Shai, what are the best products/techniques for a great moisturized wash&go for mixed 3c-4b hair?

I'm in the process of finding the best product and technique combinations for my wash and goes.  My ideal score would be moisturizing, with great hair movement and lasting style.  What can I do to achieve that and what's the best way to maintain at night?

2 Answers

i'm not here to promote brands but i will tell you what ingredients to avoid such as silicones, sulfates, parabens and any other products that will feel oily to the touch. i learned that if your products have a slimy or greasy feel, they will build up on your hair. I wrote a blog about buildup and you might want to read it at ShaiAmiel.tumblr.com the best way to protect your hair during the night is either a pineapple bun, satin pillowcase, satin head wrap, or sleep standing up ;) i'm here all day if you have more questions.
what I use for my wash and go ?coconut oil base leave- in moisturiser . Its light and inexpensive . At night I section my hair in 4 then twist . Mornings I un-twist and style for the day.