how do keep my hair straight

I have been invited to a pool party and I just got my hair straightened, I am a type 4a/4b and my hair is very tightly coiled, so when I am in the water it gets coily. I can't put a swim cap because no matter how tight they are water always seems to get in my hair and I have tried almost every type of swim cap. Is there a way or a product I can put in my hair for it to not become coily again, I don't mind if it turned just a little curly I just need it to be some what straight

4 Answers

Nope.water + flat ironed hair = back to curly hair. 
Unfortunately, your hair will always revert to curly when exposed to moisture.
Yeah, I agree with the other ladies. The moisture will curl it up. 
Once you get into the water, itll curl right up again, although you can get a really good, expensive straightener, heat protectant, and hairspray which will help until your hair hits the water.