endovex a man like someone Whose penis actually works I stayed all night and was not sleeping much nor did we talk A little bit around and I decided that it could only be an isolated accident that we will wait and see if it blows but did not hit it happened again the next night And I knew for sure that if this went on was going to enchant the end of our wedding because this is a bit personal, but as you know all women need sex but for my wife is a bit different it's not just a Careful that he can ignore for a year or two is his day- Day coping mechanism all have a coping mechanism a way to relieve stress of the day so you can get through d It's for some it's smoking for some it's shopping for some it's just talking on the phone but for her it was sex it was her main way to deal with and stay relaxed and for.that we had a lot and I was good And that's how the Our marriage worked and now how much she loved me and I knew that she did every night she went that I could not satisfy that need that started to lose her cold was losing her ability to cope I could see her mind She ran every night not knowing what to do with herself and I felt bad for her this particular night when her sexual frustration was totally obvious, but I did not expect to end up enough as this is clearly in a dream state that has a sexual fantasy I can tell by her movements and her breath and her anxiety is getting more in it than I have to admit I found it extremely hot and then her mouth opens and she leaves a gray Do that he went through the night 

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