Hydration and Shine Please

My hair always appears to be dry, even though it isn't... or is it? I'm not sure, but I know that isn't the way my hair naturally should be. I shaved my head multiple times to try and start over and reset the hydration. Every product I use seems to either be too heavy and thick and sits on my hair, or it just doesn't do enough. PLS HELP ME! I Want juicy waves not dry and crunchy!

2 Answers

Check out the article You are Feeling Texture, Not Dryness
I found a recent solution for my dry hair. I'm type 4 also (combination) and I use aloe faithfully. Aloe from the plant though. In a spray bottle, put about 6 tbsp of aloe Vera gel (I cut mine up, put it in a food processor  and keep in a jar in my fridge and then strain it with a knee hi stocking into my spray bottle to prevent clogging the sprayer). It seems like a lot but it's quick and easy. Store your gel in the fridge and use as needed. You can preserve it by adding vitamin c tablets and vitamin e oil to it. GREAT STUFF. In my spray bottle, I addAloe VeraDistilled water4 tbsp oil of choice (I use macadamia and almond or flax seed) And 2 tbsp leave in conditioner Shake well and use often. I use as a detangler, I use to refresh my styles, I use to do my wash n go (with Eco) and I use to do my twist outs. It's AWESOME!!!!! I promise you will love it. The good thing is, you can't make a mistake when making it. I add more oils as needed or more aloe or whatever and it's always perfect! Here is an image I attached with the aloe mixture in my hair