How do I keep my 4a/b grey hair moisturized?

I BC'd in March 2014 after about 5 months of transitioning. I have mostly 4a hair with patches of 4b. I am very salt and pepper with a significant amount of grey hair framing my face. My whole head tends to be on the dry side but the grey is even dryer and with less of a curl pattern. Any special/specific tips for caring for greying natural hair; particularly for moisturizing and getting better curl definition?

1 Answer

Well-moisturized hair, in my experience, tends to have better curl definition. To get better moisture and hold on to it, start by avoiding harsh shampoos that strip your natural hair oils. Look for moisturizing shampoos and those that say sulfate-free. Some of my favorites are SheaMoisture (any except the black soap shampoo), Bigen and Creme of Nature Argan oil (Ouidad cleansing oil though pricey is good too). I would also recommend washing only weekly, but if you feel the need to wash more often, you might try co-washing in between weekly washing, or if you prefer it, use the conditioning cleansers regularly and then use a regular clarifying shampoo bimonthly or monthly. Nubian Heritage and NYC Curls, have nice conditioning cleansers, and there are others. Moisturizing daily or at least every other day is also important to retaining moisture. I like to wet my hair everyday even if I'm not washing. You can use a spray bottle to spritz your hair and refresh in the morning and then at night you can re-moisturize with water, some kind of daily moisturizing milk, lotion or leave-in and then seal in the moisture with a little bit of you favorite oil or butter. I like shea butter or my natural hair oils which I get by massaging my scalp and smoothing over my hair. But there is jojoba oil or some naturals like coconut oil, grapeseed oil, Jamaican black castor can use whatever your hair seems to like. You can do this moisturizing routine after each cleansing. You can also pre-poo or pretreat your hair with coconut oil or olive oil mixed with conditioner (anything heavily moisturizing) under a processing cap (with or without heat) for 20 min. to an hour before washing and/or you can deep condition with your own concoction or some store bought deep conditioning treatment after washing. You could do this every time you wash with real shampoo or bimonthly, or whenever your hair starts to feel dry no matter what you put on it.I hope that helps!