How to I get my 4c curls loose or defined?

My coils are very tight and will not loosen up or define ( except when i wash it).  It also makes it hard to style as well.

2 Answers

I have not really been able to get wash and go curls that are both loose and defined. It just doesn't really happen for 4C's Using lots of any conditioner that defines your coils, smoothing it on rather than combing it through, letting the coils form and then not rinsing out all the conditioner will give you defined shrunken coils in my experience. There are a few lines I have tried that have helped with "loosening" a little bit and defining: Aunt Jackies, especially the Aunt Jackie's Curls & Coils Curl La La Defining Curl Custard and also Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Coil Moisturizing Soufflé use with their Hydrating Soak Shampoo and Knot Out Conditioner.If you are looking for the loose defined coily wash & go look that a type 4a or other curl patterns can get, you will find that our curl pattern will not do that, no matter what products or wash n' go techniques you use. The attached video shows a realistic example of the looseness and definition you can expect using the best wash and go techniques for 4C hair. This video: shows how you can stretch the coils after a wash and go.If you just want a looser curly look that will make styling easier, I would definitely recommend that you try twist-outs and braid-outs. There are many you tube video tutorials on these if you just search "4C braid out"  or "4c twist out tutorial" or something like that. You can also try bantu knot-outs. Another thing that may help you figure out how to style your hair in a way you can manage and enjoy is to look at others with your same curl type and take a little bit from here and there of what they are doing to figure out a routine/technique that works for you. Here is a long list of them: Top 4B and 4C vloggers to follow. I highly suggest looking at the 4C vloggers and not so much the 4B, only because we (me included) can easily build unrealistic expectations for what our 4C hair can do or what it should look like if we are always looking at what other curl types can do and what they look like. Our hair can do things other types cannot, so we should work with those benefits instead of fighting to get our hair to do something it doesn't want to. If this isn't a battle you are fighting, then that is great! It's just that your question reminds me sooo much of my struggle when I first went natural, that if you are having the same struggle I want to let you know these things because finding all of them out myself was a long process that you could skip if somebody just tells you how it is :)I really hope that this helps!
Try natural hair care conditioner i used it and i think its best.