How do I keep my 4C hair moisturized on a 15 year old girl's budget?

I've been natural the whole 15 years of my life, but until recently my Mom has always done my hair for me. She used Bergamot Blue Magic hair grease and regular shampoo she styled every other day and my hair was always super moisturized, shiny, and all around healthy looking. I did some research, and figured out that petroleum wasn't good for your hair and neither are sulfate shampoos. So I ditched them both for natural things around the kitchen that are raved about online. Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and avacado oil are all things I use in my hair. I rinse with vinegar and egg and lots of other DIY "naturally heathy" cleansers. But my hair isn't half of what it used to be with Mama's traditional hair grease. I need major help because it's all dry and brittle and my ends are breaking off. (Which doesn't help when I'm  trying to grow it long!) Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong? Is petroleum really bad for my hair? This is too much for my 15 year old brain girls. Help me out! ❤ 

1 Answer

This is a learning process in general. You have to remember first that although all of the information we are given helps and we should proceed usage with caution, that everyone's hair is different. If you were relaxed all of your life and just now going natural and kept using blue magic and it didnt work, I would suggest natural things or curly girl friendly things. But if your hair was REALLY moisturized, not breaking off, AND growing while your mother has been using those products on you all of your life - I would not change it. I wouldn't fix what isn't broken. If I were you I would: 1. Ask mom what she used AND her technique; from there decide what products and things you want to continue or discontinue.2. If you want to, Change up your regimen. If you don't want to use a shampoo that has sulfate, use a gentle cleanser. Jane Carter has a great one. You can even alternate; you can choose to cowash only or only use gentle condish until you feel product build up and THEN use a sulfate shampoo. You can continue blue magic, or see if you can find or even DIY your own all natural pomade. Illipe butter is awwwwweeeeesooooooooooooomeeeeeeee lol for this. You can add your own oils (coconut oil etc) and bam - all natural grease. Your mom would most likely have to order this online for you though (It is cheap. Like $6 bucks for 6 ounces.) You can alternate between those "unnatural" or non-curly girl friendly items and all natural items you DIY or that you buy from the store. Just keep trying until you find what works for your hair.3. Make sure your hair is what you're listening to. It will tell you all you need to know. The information provided by sites are really amazing for us naturals/ curlies on a mission for healthier hair. But just be sure despite the hype you're following what your hair is telling you lol.P.S. Petroleum jelly isn't the best for the scalp in general but i think in moderation (dont over do it or wash your hair once a week) it isnt awful.