I am 4c/4a mixed hair. its very thick and undifined. what products are good for moisture/styling

2 Answers

My hair is also 4a/b/c and extremely dense. I've been natural for a year and a half but have worn weave the past year.  My favorite shampoo thus far is Mizani curl textures. When I had a TWA, KCCC was my best friend. Now that I have a little length, I'm struggling to find styling products that hold curl without taking forever to dry in my hair.
Oh!  For moisture, the LOC method seems to be working well. Even after just a light spritz of water,  I use a coconut/castor oil blend then whatever moisturizing cream I have on hand (lately Shea Moisture Curl Milk). I know I'm not much help. I'm still a newbie.  Hopefully some of the vets will have more advice on styling products. Good luck!