I have broken off hair. Do I have to cut all hair off or can I trim until it all catches up?

I wore an afro this summer so hair has broken strands throughout head. I am wearing braids and a wig and continually trying to restore moisture. Hair is very dry.

1 Answer

It is up to you really. Personally, I have noticed that my hair feels healthier when I trim off dry, damaged ends. This is because those ends tend to tangle easily and cause more damage to rest of the my hair. However, if you are not experience such problems, then you could continue with your protective styling and just trim your ends a little bit at a time. Also, if trimming them all at once would make it difficult or impossible to do protective styles like braids, that is one reason you might want to just wait and trim your ends bit by bit as your hair grows. If you feel that trimming all at once is better, if you want, you could stick to wearing your wigs for a while until your hair is long enough for other styles.I hope that helps!