I have colored 4a hair... can someone direct me to some good starter products? I'm a newbee to this!

1 Answer

I also have 4a hair and what has worked WONDERFULLY for me is (in a spray bottle) Distilled water (3/4 full)2 tbsp Shea Moisture Smoothie2 tbsp Macadamia oil2 tbsp Aloe Vera (from the plant)**i buy an aloe plant from supermarket. Remove skin, put in food processor and refrigerate the gel**This mixture is AWESOME for twist outs,or just to wear my curls. It keeps my hair manageable and easy to de tangle. It's always moisturized. I also find that co washing with Pantene naturals once a week works wonders. I only use real shampoo every third shampoo. Eco Gel works nicely with the aloe mixture as well and keeps the gel from getting hard. Good luck! The attached pic is with the aloe Vera mixture alone. It makes my hair so shiny and soft.