I have very dense type 4 hair that curls intensely WITH conditioner but not w/o it. What's my Type??

Let's use Naptural85 as an example. My curls are like that in terms of size and tightness (mine are very deep s-waves all over, but are much tighter in back/crown than they are on the top/sides). HOWEVER, my hair is not shiny like hers. Also, my hair curls by itself in back/crown.I can only get the curls on the top/sides when I saturate the hair with conditioner and some kind of oil. That means they are delicate and too much handling will frizz them out (I despise the feeling of gel crunch on my hair. It feels like breakage personified!). Please note in the picture how loose the curls are on top/sides. Are these 3c curls? 4a curls? 4b curls? My hair is dense and course all over - except that it's much finer from the ears down to the nape of my neck. The curls in back of my head look identical, but are tighter, and much harder to frizz out because they define themselves without conditioner. However, if the hair gets dry, they look like little kinky stumps, rather than curls. Spritzing them with aloe vera juice or oil/water mix wakes them up again.The curls on top/sides last beautifully for 3 days (using aloe vera juice each morning to wet it and shake out the curls), then start to get frizzy. That's when I wash it (usually day 3 or 4). Given the fact that I have to define these top/side curls, and the ones in back form themselves, what's my hair type? I'm so confused...

2 Answers

our hair looks very similar!
It looks like 4a. Type 4 textures tend to frizz as they dry.