What am I doing wrong? Why can't I maintain length past a certain point?

I've alway kept my kinky curly natural hair kind of short but now I want to grow it "long" for a change of pace. I started this process with freshly trimmed ends and fairly healthy hair. Well, somewhere along the line, those ends became frail and now break consistently. But this seems to be a recurring theme. The last time I tried to grow my hair, I had so much damage, I ended up big chopping. UGH! I have a pretty stable healthy regimen and I'm not sure why my hair won't continue to grow past a certain length. It seems that no matter how gentle I try to be, the ends just automatically become frail and break. How can I change my care regimen to overcome this? Should I DC more? Protein more? Trim more? The main styles I wear are puffs and afros/wasn 'n' go BUT I don't pick them. I finger detangle whenever that needs to be done. I'm at my wits end here :(

1 Answer

I can't really imagine what you could be doing wrong if you deep condition regularly, trim regularly,  and use protein every once in a while. My first reaction is to ask what you sleep on/with? If you don't use a satin scarf/bonnet/pillowcase, that may be the reason your hair is tangling. Your hair might be getting dried out by your pillow case/sheets. Also, if you don't usually style your hair in afro puffs or wash and goes, it may be possible that your hair is prone to tangling and/or single strand knots so you may have to protective style more.